Volume Study

Volume Study

A volume study is an ultrasound study of your prostate. We use these ultrasound pictures to determine the exact size and shape of your prostate gland and to create a 3-D image of the prostate. The 3-D image is used to develop your individualized treatment plan.

There are no restrictions for your volume study. You may eat and take your medications as usual and drive yourself to this appointment.

During the volume study, you must lie on your back with your legs placed in stirrups. Please inform us if you have a history of back surgery, back problems, and/or knee or hip replacements. To visualize your urethra, a urinary catheter will be placed into your bladder. Then, an ultrasound probe will be inserted into your rectum. The ultrasound probe is the instrument that visualizes the prostate gland.

Once all the pictures have been taken, the catheter and ultrasound probe are removed. Total time for this volume study is approximately 10-15 minutes, although your visit may take up to an hour.

After your volume study is completed and the results are analyzed, you and your physician will make a choice regarding your course of treatment.

If you are a candidate for the seed implant, and you have decided on this course of treatment, an EKG and blood work are necessary for your pre-op testing. For most patients, these procedures are performed at Chicago Prostate Center.

Based on your medical history, you may be asked to obtain medical clearance or test reports from your primary physician before undergoing seed implantation.