Out Of Town Patients

Out Of Town Patients

We do our very best to accommodate our out of town patients within the USA and internationally. We are happy to arrange an initial phone consultation with the doctor to discuss your pathology and PSA results and treatment options. If you would then like to come to Chicago to see our doctor, we can do things in one of two ways:

  • We can see you for a consultation and volume study (ultrasound planning study) in one visit. You can then return for the implant at a later date.
  • If you would like to have your consultation and the seed implant in the same visit, we can do the consult and volume study on Monday and the implant on Thursday the same week. You would need to be in town for about 7 days. We would want you to stay for 24 hours after the procedure before traveling home. We also need our forms on your health, medications, and quality of life filled out and blood work (CBC, BUN, Creatinine) and EKG results sent to us prior to you scheduling your trip. This allows our anesthesiologist to review your records and approve you for general anesthesia. If he needs any other testing results (stress test or echocardiogram, or clearance from your physician), this allows us time to get that completed. We don’t want any surprises once you make your trip here!

Many patients wonder why we need the 2 days in between your appointments. There are many things that need to be done to provide a high quality implant. These include: planning of the implant with the physicist and doctor, ordering the seeds specifically for you, quality assurance procedures once we receive the seeds and the sterilizing and loading of the seeds for your implant.

Please contact the Clinical Manager at 630-654-2515 to arrange for an initial phone consultation with the doctor and to make arrangements for your visit to our center.

We are located approximately 20 miles from either O’Hare Airport (ORD) or Midway Airport (MDW). We have many hotels in the area and will provide a list upon request.

For questions regarding insurance coverage or self-pay costs please contact our Adminstrative Director.


“On behalf of my dad and my family, wanted to extend to the staff at Chicago Prostate Center our thanks for all of your kindness and compassion during my dad’s treatment last week. Obviously a cancer diagnosis is difficult enough, but you certainly made things a lot easier with all of your kindness and enthusiasm. From the bottom of our hearts – thanks!! My dad made it safely to Ecuador on Thursday and he continues to feel great and keeps recuperating from the procedure. Thanks again and thanks for making this process so easy, specifically for patients who are coming from abroad. You are making a significant difference in their struggle with the disease, their own wellbeing and that of their families.”

– Karina J., Ecuador, South America


Chicago Prostate Cancer Center is a VA Choice Participating Provider for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs